Where to Begin

Where to Begin

Planning a Life Tribute and Service can be overwhelming and exhausting; but you are not alone. We’re here to assist and support you throughout this journey. Let us walk beside you during this time. Below is some information to help you get started. You are welcome
to contact us at any time if you need help.

Within Hours - A loved one just died

When a loved one dies or when you are notified of a loved one’s death, it is completely acceptable to not place emotional expectations upon yourself. Whatever you are feeling is totally normal: sadness, shock, relief, harmony, etc. -there are no feelings that are completely right or wrong.

The death of a loved one sometimes compels you to notify other family members and friends. This can be physically and mentally exhausting. Be sure to pace yourself and delegate if needed. - Questions may be asked and potential decisions may be contemplated. Do not feel to you have to make immediate decisions. Be sure to contact a funeral director at Boston Funeral Home to help with any questions you have.

Same Day or Next Day - Funeral Director

Depending on your availability, timing, and circumstances, it is important to meet with a funeral director or to be available to begin a conversation or an informational exchange. There may be preliminary questions asked. If you don’t have an answer to a question, “I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable response. We understand you may not have answers and some decisions need to be discussed with other family members first.

What to Expect When We Meet or Conference Connect

We may ask you about your loved one to gain an understanding of the person the services will honor. Use this time to communicate your ideas and preferences, share your loved one's life story, revisit memories, and highlight their accomplishments. Our professionals will use this information to guide you in the creation of a personalized, meaningful celebration of your loved one's life.

This process may include:

  • Gathering information to prepare a death record and permits
  • Scheduling services and events (including the location, date, and time)
  • Discussing Final Disposition: Burial, Cremation, etc.
  • Drafting an obituary
  • Arranging necessary transportation
  • Reviewing State and Municipal Protocols
  • Discussing Personalization


 We'd like to make this process as smooth and stress-free for you as we can, so remember to bring (or email if possible) the following information about your loved one with you as well:

  • Full legal or birth name and home address
  • Social security number
  • Date of birth and Place of birth
  • Father's full name and Mother's full birth name
  • Highest educational level; Occupational Titles and Type of Industry
  • Information about the burial location, if applicable
  • An idea of location for service or tribute event
  • Celebrant or Clergy name and phone number, if applicable
  • Names and relationships of survivors
  • Insurance policy information if using to pay for funeral expenses
  • Bring or email a recent photograph if possible


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